Laws of virginia 1662

whereas it has been questioned whether servants running away may be punished with corporal punishment by their master or magistrate, since the act already made gives the master satisfaction by prolonging their time by service, it is declared and enacted by this assembly that moderate corporal punishment inflicted by master or magistrate upon a.

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Surviving church documents record a newborn's baptism to two slaves in 1606, a year before the English landed at Jamestown. All told, Spanish and Portuguese slavers imported over 300,000 Africans by 1619. From a worldwide point of view, the Africans transported to Virginia in 1619 were far from the first slaves imported to the New World.




In order to have a legal settlement, a person had to fulfil one or more of the following conditions: be born into a parish where the parents had a settlement. up to 1662, live in a.

Laws Pertaining to Slaves and Servants, Virginia 1629-1672 From William Waller Hening, editor. The statutes at large; being a collection of all the laws of Virginia, from the first session of the Legislature in the year 1619, vol. 1..

In 1667, a law was passed declaring that baptism of a slave into Christianity did not exempt them from bondage. One could convert a "heathen slave" to Christianity in the interests of saving his or her immortal soul but that did not change that person's status as a slave. The Drunkenness of Noah, Sistine Chapel Michelangelo (Public Domain).